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Business Continuity

Data Backup Solutions in Salt Lake City

You know the feeling: when disaster strikes, helplessness sets in, and you are left wondering what you could have done to avoid it. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of disasters—they’re unpredictable and therefore unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover from a disaster. You just need to think ahead.

For a brick-and-mortar enterprise, disasters can take many forms. Storms spawn floods that may inundate your place of business. Hurricanes and tornadoes can obliterate whatever lies in their path. Fires of course devour most everything. And earthquakes have the power to level not just your place of business but the infrastructure of an entire region. But ultimately, physical assets and inventory can be replaced.

Your company’s data, however, is a different story.

That data is the key to your company’s success, and it is irreplaceable. What good is a shiny new replacement computer if you’re not able to quickly resume operations after a disaster? So you need to ask yourself: is your data properly protected—not just from natural disasters, but from such events as power outages, human error, the destructive actions of a disgruntled employee, or the cyberattack of a hacker living in another country?

You don’t even need to answer that question. That’s our job! At 911 IT, we can perform a thorough audit of your current network, hardware and software, and data management practices, and then advise you on where it may all fall short. From there we can tell you the best way to secure your data as well as back it up so it’s ready for speedy recovery should the need arise.

Data Backup: The Key to Successful Data Recovery

Nowadays, everyone talks about “connectivity,” and it’s hard to imagine an organization being able to function without all its devices talking to one another. But what about the flip side of connectivity—namely, data security? With the efficiency that connectivity confers comes the risk of electronic data loss when something goes terribly wrong. If that data is destroyed, stolen, or compromised in any way, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had a backup-and-recovery plan in place—or what we prefer to call business continuity.

Such a plan should never be a one-size-fits-all proposition. In its essential features, the purpose of a business continuity plan should be to maintain an organization’s basic operations in the face of disaster. The nature of that disaster can range from the malfunctioning of a single computer, to a company-wide ransomware attack, to the obliteration of an office by a tornado. In the immediate aftermath of such a disaster, the primary aim of a business continuity plan is to prevent or at least minimize the interruption of critical business functions.

After business continuity the organization can focus on disaster recovery, with the goal of restoring IT business functions to pre-disaster status.

Business Continuity Deliverables

With 911 IT Business Continuity Services, you’ll always have an experienced professional to call for help before your data is at risk and to help recover your data when events occur that are beyond your control.

With our client’s guidance, we identify which IT functions and data are most critical for the business. We gather essential technical information about your systems, analyze vulnerabilities, and brainstorm ways to harden backup protocols and improve system resiliency.

Our final deliverable is a comprehensive business continuity plan that includes step-by-step incident protocols and clear guidelines for what your organization should do to respond to various types of disasters and maintain operations. These guidelines cover all three major elements of good business continuity planning, namely: resilience, recovery, and contingency planning.

Moving forward, contingency tests and exercises are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the business continuity and disaster recovery plans put in place, and then we make adjustments as needed.

Your focus should be on running your business, not worrying about what to do in the event a disaster puts your company’s data at risk of loss. Our IT Disaster Recovery Services are designed not only to back up your data but to provide you with peace of mind.

Benefits of 911 IT’s Business Continuity Services

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Consultation with experts in data backup and disaster recovery

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Detailed risk audit

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Protection of your organization’s critical data

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Strategic planning to reduce downtime

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Customized disaster recovery plan for your specific industry

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Ultimate peace of mind

Business Continuity FAQs

  • QWhat is the main benefit of a disaster recovery plan?

    A comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures that an organization can avoid costly downtime while allowing for an orderly response to a disaster, with key team members in the organization communicating well and knowing the specific roles they will have to play.

  • QWhy do I need a backup-and-recovery strategy?

    Consider this: following a major disaster, about half of all small businesses never reopen. And most fail within a year unless they can resume full operations inside of a week. Since three-quarters of all small businesses do not have a formal business continuity plan in place, you quickly realize they are gambling with their livelihood.

  • QWhy can’t we create our own business continuity plan?

    You could, of course. Assuming you have the in-house expertise and experience in this information technology specialty to pull it off, you could potentially save yourselves a fair amount of money. But given the complexity of technology involved and the seriousness of the potential IT risks, you might just be better off handing this task to the experts.

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Absolutely Outstanding Company!

911 IT was phenomenal to work with! After calling tech after tech to come out to find out the issues with our phone lines, Adam came out within a few hours and FIXED our phones immediately! He took the time to LOOK what was wrong instead of just glancing at the issues and bidding us out at thousands of dollars. I will 100% use 911 IT again in the future. Absolutely outstanding company!!

Sarah HendriksenSummit Community Counseling

911 IT is the go-to for IT services!

This company is the go-to for IT services. They always have someone who is willing to help if not immediately, within the next 24 hours. They know how to fix everything, and their services are wonderful. No matter the time of day or night they are always willing to help me out and they just saved our company after a computer mishap we had. Props to the owner Adam for building such a responsible and trusting company. Would suggest to all my friends looking for IT support hands down.

Adam BlackhamCertus Tax

Great dedicated IT team!

We started using 911 IT when we tired of waiting for our issues to get resolved. Having a dedicated IT team, not a tech person that does it "on the side" has saved me time and money. Their experienced team helps me price check and make decisions when it comes to equipment and software. Since outsourcing our IT to 911, the 911 team has setup our new location and everything was running great before we opened our doors. You will not regret it, Call 911 IT!

Amy ArchuletaOwnerSpa Trouvé

Give them a try, you won't regret it!

911 IT's response time has been so great! Most of the time they will resolve our issue before we hang up the phone. When we find ourselves in IT trouble we are usually in a mess until we call 911 IT and they get things working again. They are experienced and they take time to know our setup. This allows them to resolve our issues fast. We feel comfortable using 911 IT and they have been able to solve the problems we have run into so far. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

Clay KellerPresidentKeller Construction

Their responsiveness is the best I've seen!

911 IT's responsiveness is the best I've seen in the industry. Phone calls are answered and with their online support capabilities, most issues are resolved within minutes. They have a great depth on knowledge on today's technology and they are reasonable priced, given all they offer.

Mark A. ReeseCIC, Founder and OwnerWasatch Preferred

Outsourcing our IT to Them has Been a Huge Relief to Our Company!!

911 IT is able to resolve all of our IT issues, even if the problem has been intermittent. Outsourcing our IT to them has been a huge relief to our company! They have a quick response time and are honest with all of our problems. Their staff is professional and are very helpful. Give them a try!.

Mitch ProbertAtlas Seals

They Provide Peace of Mind!!

We love that 911 IT provides IT, phone, and hosting services. I didn't realize how interconnected those services were and what a pain it was to try and work with three different providers before we started working with 911 IT. Only working with one company that knows all about our company and the way we are setup has been a great asset to our company. With all that 911 IT provides, one of the biggest things they provide is peace of mind. That is worth A LOT to a business owner.

Christian ThompsonFranchise Business Law Group

911 IT Always Exceeds My Expectations!

We have worked with 911 IT for many years, and I can tell you they are not just another IT company. They care about us and are always looking out for our best interests. They are proactive and always looking towards the future to solve potential problems. Before quarantine, 911 IT reached out to us to develop a plan to be able to move all of our employees home if the need arose. It's things like this that really set them apart.

Dianna IwaniecPreferred Accounting

911 IT Has Been a Godsend to Our Company!

911 IT has been a godsend to our company, especially to me. They are always available and can take care of any need we have right away. I never panic anymore when something isn't working right, I just call anyone on the team, and they pleasantly take over, and the problem is gone. Anyone there can handle all our issues. Thank you 911.

Rhonda SutherlandCraghead Building

They are Part of Our Team!

When hiring 911 IT, we didn't realize it would be like having a inhouse IT department without the overhead cost that comes with an inhouse department. They are part of our team. They want us to succeed and they have our best interest in mind. Our problems are resolved quickly, as they want us to be successful and they work to make sure our goals are a priority to them as well. It's such a simple concept, but as a business owner it means a lot. 911 IT is honest and their skills are top notch. Give them a try today! I don't see any reason why you shouldn't!

Wayne CarlsonM-Vac Systems

Give 911 IT a Shot! It is Worth It!

We have loved the peace of mind using 911 IT has given us. They are great at answering their phone and solving our problems quickly. I have worked for the past year or so with Calvin and his crew. I really like how quickly they respond to my questions and concerns. We are upgrading our machines with them now. They help us with backup services and with virus protection. Give 911 IT a shot! It is worth it!

Jaren RuffDesigner Floor Coverings

I Strongly and Unequivocally Recommend 911 IT for All Things IT!

911 IT really came to the rescue when all others failed. I mean ALL others failed. My wife and I thought we had lost years of pictures, videos and songs that were stored on our hard drive. Our computer pooped out one day and decided to freeze up the hard drive. Enter 911 IT! It took them a couple of days to get every bit of info from the hard drive. (See what I did there...every BIT? Bad dad joke.) We literally lost sleep thinking we were out all of those memories. I strongly and unequivocally recommend 911 IT for all things IT.

Matthew Bigler

I Would Recommend Them to Anyone!

911 IT has been able to cut our IT expenditures by almost half and at the same time improve our systems reliability. Since moving to their IT Firm we have noticed that they are more knowledgeable than the other companies we have used in the past. When I call in, I do not have to worry about them getting things fixed because they are reliable, fast and they get things done. I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about changing IT companies. We made the change and are glad we did.

James AdairWestern Timber Frame

They Truly Care About Us and Helping Our Company Succeed!

I love that I can call 911 IT and their techs can remote into my systems and take care of the problem without having to wait for someone to come onsite. The staff is very friendly, and they always put their best foot forward to resolve the problem as soon as they can. They answer my questions quickly and are always asking if I need anything else. They truly care about us and helping our company succeed. I have been so happy with their service that I have used them at my home for my IT issues as well as at the office.

Lisa NielsenB&M Plumbing & Heating

Would Highly Recommend to Anyone!

Great company! Always prompt to fix our problems right when they happen and very efficient and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Craig SoderquistInsurance Agent

I Recommend Them!

I have been with 911 IT for a while, and I have had no complaints with the time I have been with them. The 911 IT team are always punctual and responsive. The remote service is great. They are always on time and the remote service is great so that we don't have to worry about the security of our computers. I have had no complaints. I recommend them.

Sam Sr. CragheadCraghead Building

I Wouldn't Consider Taking My Computer Business Anywhere Else!

I could write a short novel to describe the work that 911 IT has done for me. The work is impeccable, and I think it's fair to say that they won't quit until you're happy and have exactly what you want. I recommend them highly as they are reliable, fairly priced, and some of the hardest working nicest people I know. If you have computer problems, either great or not hesitate to call them. You'll be glad you did.

Robert Davis

I Would Recommend Them!

They always take care of my needs whenever I have a question. Their team is responsive, always on time and professional. I would recommend them.

Lance Allen

911 IT Really Knows What They are Doing!

911 IT really knows what they are doing! I've had Andrew Shelton help me and my office with many computers and tech needs we have had. I wanted to create a more efficient way to communicate with clients and respond to rental inquiries and Andrew's knowledge help me quickly streamline that process saving me time and allowing me to focus on tasks that will produce more profit.

Brad Harper

I Don't Know What I Would Do Without Their Help!

Great service...helped me out on many computer issues! Don't know what I would do without their help.

Jon JonesVillas in Vallarta

These guys are GREAT!

These guys are GREAT! They answer the phone every time I call and take care of the IT issue right away.

Lance PaulsonLance Paulson Insurance

911 IT Deserves 10 Stars!

I spent hours via computer and long distance with Mr. Adam from 911 IT in Utah. He was a gentleman and a scholar and resolved a host of problems that were caused by another company! He deserves 10 stars!

Bob Sheddan

Thanks to All the People at 911 IT!

I was having a problem with my computer being really slow I had 911 work on it and now it works very well. The experience was very good thanks to all the people at 911 IT.

Chris PowellPowell Garage Door

I Highly Recommend 911 IT!

I use these guys for all of my business network needs, Josh is usually the rep who helps me, and I always ask for him. Every time I call, they know exactly who I am and have my file (or whatever they use to organize their customers) pulled up in front of them ready to help. They are always in a good mood when helping me - even when my needs are super difficult - and they always get the issue solved very quickly. I highly recommend 911 IT!

Jessie PaulsonPuroclean

Thanks 911IT!

Excellent work. My computer is now protected. If anyone steals my computer, the important info will be useless to them. Thanks 911.

David Ellis

We Couldn't Be Happier!

911 IT got all of our pictures and data off of a damaged hard drive that we thought was toast. We were actually told by another company it was too damaged to recover. But not for 911 IT! They were so great to work with and seriously saved the day! We couldn't be happier.

Julie Bigler

911 IT is the best in town!

911 IT is the best in town! They know their stuff and are fairly priced! I love how they can do repairs remotely too!

Marilee Guinan

Highly Recommend!

Adam and his team are true professionals!! They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. Highly Recommended!!

Dennis Jock

Give Them a Try!

I've had the pleasure of working with 911 IT on a few different occasions. They have done work for both my personal computer and business networks. They are very knowledgeable, honest, and incredibly competitive in pricing. I would recommend anyone looking for computer work done to give them a try. I look forward to continued use of your services in the future.

Shayne HiattClean and Clear

I Highly Recommend Hiring 911 IT! They are Cyber Security Experts!

By doing a security audit, I was able to not only find the security issues, I was also able to fix the issues, I sleep better knowing my systems and data are safe. The value of the information they provide is worth 10X what they are charging for the audit! I highly recommend hiring 911 IT, they are cybersecurity experts!

Sam Jr. CragheadCraghead Building

911 IT is Amazing!

911 IT is amazing. Technology is such a cursed blessing. It is wonderful when everything is working as intended...but quickly turns to the end of the world when it's not. These guy know what they're doing.

Nathan Bryant

911 IT Goes Out of Their Way to Make Things Simple!

The best thing about using 911 IT is the convenience of being able to send a message and have online or onsite support almost immediately. If I have any IT issue, I knowit will be taken care of quickly. 911 IT goes out of their way to make anything we need very simple. They go above and beyond, even if it is a small project. I have worked with a lot of IT companies, and 911 IT has been by far my favorite company to work with. Having them is the equivalent of having a full time IT guy available in my office. Give 911 IT a call, they are the best!

Jason PayneIntellibed

Very Fair and Top Quality Work!

We sure appreciate you and the good work you and your company does for us. Very fair and top quality work. You performed a major upgrade and it all works flawlessly. Prompt, professional, good value, good quality equipment, polite and skilled people I enjoy having around my business. What more could one expect. We are happy happy!

Gary SorrellsGlobal Remarketing

Disaster Recovery

911 IT has the disaster recovery team your Utah business needs to get back to doing what you do best - serving clients and customers. No one knows when disaster will strike their business. From storms that damage and destroy brick and mortar businesses, to the destruction of hackers breaching confidential information, your business may need disaster recovery. It’s more than getting phones online, it’s about restoring and protecting data.

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