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Cloud Services

Cloud Services for Salt Lake City Businesses

For small and medium-sized businesses, an off-the-shelf server squirreled away in an unused closet somewhere in the office isn’t going to cut it anymore. Aside from the obvious cyber-security risk, that kind of setup is a business interruption disaster just waiting to happen. And even with a larger, more capable setup, the cost of maintaining and upgrading the hardware and software for such a system locally would likely prove prohibitive.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, companies must constantly keep abreast of the best, most cost-effective technological advances to improve efficiency save money, and increase profitability. Case in point: The Cloud.

Why The Cloud?

The term “Cloud Services” encompasses a wide range of hardware and software configurations, deployed on demand and securely over the internet. 911 IT’s Cloud services provide our customers with instantaneous access to their applications, documents, and resources without having to buy and maintain complex hardware on-site.

With a cloud-based infrastructure in place, your team members can upload, download, archive, share, edit, and publish documents within an integrated and secure environment. Moreover, our Cloud Services improve communications, simplify email messaging, enhance corporate marketing, and improve every aspect of your organization’s routine business procedures.

How Cloud Services Work

As your partner and service provider, 911 IT hosts, manages, and maintains the Cloud computing systems we set up for you. Since your Cloud is deployed on our servers, there is no need for the customer to budget money and resources on the infrastructure needed to host their applications and data. Best of all, because your applications and data are hosted off-premises, they are safe from physical loss due to theft, vandalism, or natural disaster.

Business Advantages of Cloud Services

They Are Flexible

911 IT’s Cloud Services don’t lock you into a cookie-cutter “solution” that does not meet your exact needs. We prefer to give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

They Are Scalable

Your Cloud grows as your organization grows over time. That means you don’t need to allocate extra money or IT staff to manage your Cloud resources. As your Cloud Services provider, 911 IT supplies whatever hardware and software is needed to accommodate your ever-growing needs.

They Are Affordable

Thanks to economies of scale, the cumulative cost of the Cloud Services software licenses we subscribe to are split amongst multiple customers, and those savings are passed on directly to our customers. They also save money on periodic software upgrades and ongoing hardware maintenance, since we seamlessly take care of that for you.

Cloud Services Are the Future

Secure critical data and increase collaboration among employees and customers so that your business is always running at maximum efficiency. Not only do Cloud Services allow you to access critical data anywhere and at any time, they also foster collaboration among colleagues and customers.

We Look Forward to Speaking with You Whether your IT needs are currently handled by an internal team or a designated staff member, we work with a combination of organizational structures and have the right solution for your business.

Benefits of 911 IT’s Cloud Services

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Security for confidential files

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Improved communication

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Collaboration made easy

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Enhanced workflow efficiency

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The end of equipment maintenance worries

Cloud Services FAQs

  • QWhat are Cloud Services?

    Cloud Services are typically defined as a framework in which scalable IT-related resources are provided to multiple external customers as a service via the Internet. The Cloud delivers resources such as data storage, application hosting, and network resources from a centralized location. They can take the form of a public cloud or a private cloud.

  • QWhat’s the difference between a public cloud and a private cloud?

    A public cloud includes services that a provider makes available to numerous, external customers on the web, either for free or for a fee. Gmail and Windows Azure are examples of a public cloud. A private cloud, on the other hand, makes data and applications available to users through the organization’s own internal infrastructure. Private clouds are often deployed when public clouds are deemed inappropriate or inadequate for the needs of a business.

  • QIs my company’s data secure in the Cloud?

    911 IT employs a redundant industry-standard approach to security in the Cloud Services we provide. The measures we have taken to harden the security of our Cloud Services include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, encryption, user authentication, and malware and ransomware protection.

  • QHow do I prepare my company to move into the Cloud?

    Preparing to migrate to the cloud is generally a simple process, especially with 911 IT handing the transition. But remember, the Cloud operates on your Internet Service Provider’s access to the Web. Thus, one of the most important things to consider is your network bandwidth. Since more data will be passing back and forth across the internet, you may want to consider upgrading your bandwidth to improve connectivity.

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Great dedicated IT team!

We started using 911 IT when we tired of waiting for our issues to get resolved. Having a dedicated IT team, not a tech person that does it "on the side" has saved me time and money. Their experienced team helps me price check and make decisions when it comes to equipment and software. Since outsourcing our IT to 911, the 911 team has setup our new location and everything was running great before we opened our doors. You will not regret it, Call 911 IT!

Amy ArchuletaOwnerSpa Trouvé

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Give them a try, you won't regret it!

911 IT’s response time has been so great! Most of the time they will resolve our issue before we hang up the phone. When we find ourselves in IT trouble we are usually in a mess until we call 911 IT and they get things working again. They are experienced and they take time to know our setup. This allows them to resolve our issues fast. We feel comfortable using 911 IT and they have been able to solve the problems we have run into so far. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

Clay KellerPresidentKeller Construction

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Their responsiveness is the best I’ve seen!

We brought in 911 IT because we were at a point in our business where we needed professional IT support. Our business had outgrown the services of our previous technology provider and we couldn’t afford the periodic downtime we experienced with our internet and phones. We looked at a few other IT firms and went with 911 because they are truly problem solvers.

Mark A. ReeseCIC, Founder and OwnerWasatch Preferred

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