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VoIP Services

VoIP Services in the Great Salt Lake Region

The massive technical leap from a one-on-one rotary phone call, to a group video-chat on hand-held devices owned by a dozen individuals spread out across the entire globe, cannot be exaggerated. And that leap came about in large part thanks to VoIP.

So What Is VoIP Anyway?

Techies love their acronyms, and "VoIP" is no exception. This abbreviation stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol," which is just another way of describing a two-way telephone call. The difference is that instead of an analog voice signal traveling across miles of copper wires from one phone to another, a digital voice signal is broadcast far and wide on the information superhighway known as the Internet.

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Yet VoIP does so much more than that. Besides enabling real-time, person-to-person conversation across small or great distances (just like the traditional telephone), it further enhances human communication by allowing the transmittal of faxes, text messages, documents, photographs, videos, and even conferenced video sessions by way of multi-directional audio-visual connections via worldwide broadband networks.

In other words, it is a far cry from how people communicated in your granddaddy’s day.

Key Business Features of 911 IT’s VoIP Services

Besides offering the benefits of a traditional analog switched telephone networks (a/k/a plain old telephone service, or “POTS”), a VoIP network from 911 IT provides the following voice and data features:

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Custom caller ID

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Custom on-hold music

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Company directory

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Voicemail to text/email

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Personal assistant

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Distributed calls via hunt groups

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Time-of-day call routing

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DND for incoming calls

And that is just a partial list. Best of all, unlike traditional PBX systems, VoIP does not require that a business disrupt the office and spend ridiculous amounts of money installing expensive wiring and hardware throughout the infrastructure. Rather, the voice-over-internet protocols can be implemented digitally on existing phones, software, mobile applications, and web pages.

Managed IT FAQs

  • QAm I able to set up VoIP with a member of my team?

    If your business has limited in-house IT resources and expertise, outsourcing to 911 IT for your VoIP and other IT services will provide vital support and knowledge to effectively set up, manage, and maintain your VoIP system.

  • QIs VoIP setup complex?

    A VoIP system can be complex, with multiple lines, extensions, and integrations. 911IT can help ensure that everything is set up and working properly.

  • QIs VoIP expensive?

    VoIP will certainly bring cost savings. However, the setup and maintenance of these systems as well as other IT management tasks can end up costing your team time and resources you should be devoted to growth and customer service. Let 911 IT help you start saving today.

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These guys are GREAT! They answer the phone every time I call and take care of the IT issue right away

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I have been with 911 IT for a while, and I have had no complaints with the time I have been with them. The 911 IT team are always punctual and responsive. The remote service is great. They are always on time and the remote service is great so that we don't have to worry about the security of our computers. I have had no complaints. I recommend them.

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911 IT is the best in town!

911 IT is the best in town! They know their stuff and are fairly priced! I love how they can do repairs remotely too!

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This company is the go-to for IT services. They always have someone who is willing to help if not immediately, within the next 24 hours. They know how to fix everything, and their services are wonderful. No matter the time of day or night they are always willing to help me out and they just saved our company after a computer mishap we had. Props to the owner Adam for building such a responsible and trusting company. Would suggest to all my friends looking for IT support hands down.

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I could write a short novel to describe the work that 911 IT has done for me. The work is impeccable, and I think it's fair to say that they won't quit until you're happy and have exactly what you want. I recommend them highly as they are reliable, fairly priced, and some of the hardest working nicest people I know. If you have computer problems, either great or not hesitate to call them. You'll be glad you did.

- Robert Davis

Very Fair and Top Quality Work!

We sure appreciate you and the good work you and your company does for us. Very fair and top quality work. You performed a major upgrade and it all works flawlessly. Prompt, professional, good value, good quality equipment, polite and skilled people I enjoy having around my business. What more could one expect. We are happy happy!

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911 IT Goes Out of Their Way to Make Things Simple!

The best thing about using 911 IT is the convenience of being able to send a message and have online or onsite support almost immediately. If I have any IT issue, I knowit will be taken care of quickly. 911 IT goes out of their way to make anything we need very simple. They go above and beyond, even if it is a small project. I have worked with a lot of IT companies, and 911 IT has been by far my favorite company to work with. Having them is the equivalent of having a full time IT guy available in my office. Give 911 IT a call, they are the best!

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They always take care of my needs whenever I have a question. Their team is responsive, always on time and professional. I would recommend them.

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I've had the pleasure of working with 911 IT on a few different occasions. They have done work for both my personal computer and business networks. They are very knowledgeable, honest, and incredibly competitive in pricing. I would recommend anyone looking for computer work done to give them a try. I look forward to continued use of your services in the future.

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I was having a problem with my computer being really slow I had 911 work on it and now it works very well. The experience was very good thanks to all the people at 911 IT.

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See Your Business Thrive with Our VoIP Services

How is this possible? For one thing, it will save your organization money. Thanks to the bandwidth efficiency of the internet, the cost of phone bills can be dramatically reduced every month. Since both voice and data communications travel across a single digital network with VoIP, your infrastructure expenses are minimized.

And in today’s bustling business world, communications aren’t just by human-to-human voice. Many different types of communication needs can be met by a single service, delivered via a centralized VoIP system.

Benefits of 911 IT’s VoIP Services

Advanced, reliable phone service

Crystal-clear voice communications

Seamless integration of phone and PC

Dozens of voice and data features

Complete portability and scalability

24/7/365 support


  • QWhat if I have multiple locations?

    For a business with multiple office locations, a cloud-based hosted solution is the best way to go. Since your VoIP phones are interconnected via the Internet, all the phones on the network will function equally well, no matter where they are located.

  • QHow much bandwidth does my business need for VoIP?

    Because of the “opportunistic protocols” built into our VoIP system, low bandwidth environments do not have a significant impact on the quality of the service. More important is the quality of the connection.

  • QDoes VoIP work without an internet connection?

    Because it relies on Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit and exchange digital data, the answer is No: VoIP does not work without the internet. It requires a high-speed broadband connection running at a minimum of about 100 kbps. The good news is that most broadband connections easily meet that requirement.

  • QDoes VoIP work without an internet connection?

    Because it relies on Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit and exchange digital data, the answer is No: VoIP does not work without the internet. It requires a high-speed broadband connection running at a minimum of about 100 kbps. The good news is that most broadband connections easily meet that requirement.

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