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Co-Managed IT

Do you find your company is in an awkward situation when trying to address all your IT concerns? Do you have an IT services department, but they’re constantly swarmed despite doing their best to keep up with demands? You may benefit from hiring an IT services provider to work with you on a co-managed IT project!

911 IT is flexible in how we provide IT services. We can serve as a company’s de facto IT services department, but we have room to work with existing in-house IT departments as well. We can take on some services while your IT people work on larger projects or take on specific projects while your in-house team focuses on day-to-day IT support and technological issues. We have lots of experience working at many different levels and situations with clients. We can always provide the specific help you need and can help your company thrive in the way that’s best and most efficient for you.

Co-Managed IT services are often a perfect solution for mid-size companies who can’t afford a sizeable IT department internally, but are dealing with high-level and complicated IT issues on a regular basis. Scaling your IT solutions is a difficult process and working with a dedicated managed services provider to bridge the gap can be an ideal plan to get your company what it needs to succeed.

Co-Managed IT Services Help You Grow

Co-Managed IT services can help you scale your business while you’re growing. If you’re in a transitionary period and attempting to scale your services at a rate that won’t break your organization, co-managed IT offers a solution that is easily scalable to your needs at any given time.

Do you have major IT projects that are slowing you down or taking too much of your own resources and time? Co-Managed IT helps you managed these by giving the resources and personnel to tackle the major things while daily maintenance is still handled. For a reasonable and manageable cost, you can ensure that your company’s IT needs are handled.

911 IT has top tier technicians and significant IT resources that you can take advantage of by entering a co-managed IT services agreement with us. Let our experienced IT service providers help you and provide the resources and solutions your company needs. We’re the perfect partner regardless of what your IT concerns and difficulties.

Schedule an appointment with us today and we can discuss your needs regarding a co-managed IT partnership today!

Benefits of 911 IT’s Managed IT Services

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Predictable pricing

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Access to 24/7/365 live support

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Increased operational efficiency

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Reduced operating costs

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Cost-effective enterprise-level support

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Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Co-Managed IT Services FAQs

  • QWhat is Co-Managed IT?

    This is a service model where your organization partners with an external IT provider to manage and support your IT infrastructure and operations.

  • QHow is Co-Managed IT different from fully outsourced IT?

    Co-Managed IT is a collaborative approach where the external IT provider works alongside your internal IT team to support and manage your organization's infrastructure. Fully outsourced IT services involve the external group taking full control and responsibility for all IT operations.

  • QWhat are the benefits of Co-Managed IT?

    Some of the benefits of Co-Managed IT include improved IT performance, increased flexibility and scalability, reduced IT costs, best practices, and access to specialized expertise and resources.

  • QHow does Co-Managed IT work in practice?

    In a Co-Managed IT arrangement, the external IT provider works alongside your internal IT team to manage and support the organization's IT infrastructure and operations. The specific roles and responsibilities of each party are defined in a service level agreement (SLA).

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I Strongly and Unequivocally Recommend 911 IT for All Things IT!

911 IT really came to the rescue when all others failed. I mean ALL others failed. My wife and I thought we had lost years of pictures, videos and songs that were stored on our hard drive. Our computer pooped out one day and decided to freeze up the hard drive. Enter 911 IT! It took them a couple of days to get every bit of info from the hard drive. (See what I did there...every BIT? Bad dad joke.) We literally lost sleep thinking we were out all of those memories. I strongly and unequivocally recommend 911 IT for all things IT.

Headshot of Matthew Bigler

Matthew Bigler

They Truly Care About Us and Helping Our Company Succeed!

I love that I can call 911 IT and their techs can remote into my systems and take care of the problem without having to wait for someone to come onsite. The staff is very friendly, and they always put their best foot forward to resolve the problem as soon as they can. They answer my questions quickly and are always asking if I need anything else. They truly care about us and helping our company succeed. I have been so happy with their service that I have used them at my home for my IT issues as well as at the office.

Headshot of Lisa Nielsen

Lisa Nielsen B&M Plumbing & Heating

Very Fair and Top Quality Work!

We sure appreciate you and the good work you and your company does for us. Very fair and top quality work. You performed a major upgrade and it all works flawlessly. Prompt, professional, good value, good quality equipment, polite and skilled people I enjoy having around my business. What more could one expect. We are happy happy!

Headshot of Gary Sorrells

Gary Sorrells Global Remarketing

Give Them a Try!

I've had the pleasure of working with 911 IT on a few different occasions. They have done work for both my personal computer and business networks. They are very knowledgeable, honest, and incredibly competitive in pricing. I would recommend anyone looking for computer work done to give them a try. I look forward to continued use of your services in the future.

Headshot of Shayne Hiatt

Shayne Hiatt Clean and Clear

911 IT Goes Out of Their Way to Make Things Simple!

The best thing about using 911 IT is the convenience of being able to send a message and have online or onsite support almost immediately. If I have any IT issue, I knowit will be taken care of quickly. 911 IT goes out of their way to make anything we need very simple. They go above and beyond, even if it is a small project. I have worked with a lot of IT companies, and 911 IT has been by far my favorite company to work with. Having them is the equivalent of having a full time IT guy available in my office. Give 911 IT a call, they are the best!

Headshot of Jason Payne

Jason Payne Intellibed

Their responsiveness is the best I've seen!

We brought in 911 IT because we were at a point in our business where we needed professional IT support. Our business had outgrown the services of our previous technology provider and we couldn\xe2\x80\x99t afford the periodic downtime we experienced with our internet and phones. We looked at a few other IT firms and went with 911 because they are truly problem solvers.

Headshot of Mark A. Reese

Mark A. Reese CIC, Founder and Owner Wasatch Preferred

Highly Recommend!

Adam and his team are true professionals!! They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. Highly Recommended!!

Headshot of Dennis Jock

Dennis Jock

I Would Recommend Them to Anyone!

911 IT has been able to cut our IT expenditures by almost half and at the same time improve our systems reliability. Since moving to their IT Firm we have noticed that they are more knowledgeable than the other companies we have used in the past. When I call in, I do not have to worry about them getting things fixed because they are reliable, fast and they get things done. I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about changing IT companies. We made the change and are glad we did.

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James Adair Western Timber Frame

We Couldn't Be Happier!

911 IT got all of our pictures and data off of a damaged hard drive that we thought was toast. We were actually told by another company it was too damaged to recover. But not for 911 IT! They w ere so great to work with and seriously saved the day! We couldn't be happier.

Headshot of Julie Bigler

Julie Bigler

911 IT Has Been a Godsend to Our Company!

911 IT has been a godsend to our company, especially to me. They are always available and can take care of any need we have right away. I never panic anymore when something isn't working right, I just call anyone on the team, and they pleasantly take over, and the problem is gone. Anyone there can handle all our issues. Thank you 911.

Headshot of Rhonda Sutherland

Rhonda Sutherland Craghead Building

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