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Network Security

Network Security for Your Business

Network security equals peace of mind. It’s what you desire for the security and reputation of your business. Simply put, your private network is connected to the internet. Within - you maintain data, software, and tools that have to be accessible to your team whether they are in the office or off-site. Outside - your business is connected to resources, partners, and customers that require connection and collaboration with your team.

Establishing and then maintaining policy and security throughout your network will permit critical movement and access while protecting irreplaceable data and reputation. Learn more about 911IT and network security:

What is Network Security?

When you connect your business's private network to the internet, one might say, “All bets are off!” There is some truth to this. While the internet is an essential utility for your organization’s success, it’s also a front door to some really nasty stuff. And not every network breach is shady. Your workforce may unintentionally open doors, allowing malware in or sensitive data out.

When you partner with 911IT you level up. With decades of experience, we understand the realities of network risk, and we employ the highest standards and best practices of network security.

911IT regularly secures business networks like yours and we want to do it for you too. Whatever level of assistance you require, we are there (from 24/7/365 to peer IT support, we are there). Our team is made of decades of experience. This positions us as your turn-key Network Security/Managed IT partner. It’s our job to protect you from the realities that fuel tomorrow's headlines.

How We Do Network Security

Before we touch a keyboard or mouse we listen. 911IT must understand your challenges and goals. We’re interested in the scope of support you need. You may have your own IT talent and you need help on a special project or new implementation. You may have been doing IT yourself and it’s eating up too much of your time. You may be concerned about risks to your business and customers and you need to feel a sense of security.

We will audit your infrastructure and policies and make recommendations. These policies are the foundation of network security and your sense of well-being. We will examine the physical security of your network. We will assess the systems on top of the network. We will look at your software and identify vulnerabilities, and outdated versions. We will scrutinize network access and controls and evaluate your data and a backup plan. And after the work is done we will monitor and test and maintain the network security we have helped you achieve. And - we will always be available to your business, night and day, for support, new projects, and emergencies.

In today’s tech-heavy world, your company needs to be on top of gathering, maintaining, and securing data across a vast network. From invoicing and payments to workflows and project management, there is likely a lot of information that is required to be confidential. When there is a breach of network security, what’s your process to secure and get business back online? If you’re not sure, it’s time for us to talk.

Never has network security been more important to businesses like yours. Hackers are climbing the (cyber) walls waiting for the right opportunity to attack. It’s likely you won’t even know until there is an issue. It happens when and where you may not notice until important data has already been stolen.

Network security protects the infrastructure of your business from unauthorized access and theft.

Benefits of 911T’s Network Security Services

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Constant monitoring

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Reduced risk of data theft

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Workstations protected from spyware

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Shared data remains secure

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Updates are centralized

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Access is centrally controlled

Without network security, your company is at risk of compromising confidential information. Whether it’s social security numbers from tax forms, medical and patient related information, engineering projects, financial information, or proprietary business information, the breach can cost you in time, money, and resources.

Protect your business with network security.

With so many ways to access information, it can be challenging to manage network security as your business grows and changes. At 911 IT, we are here to support your business, create workflows and systems that are secure and compliant to industry and governmental standards, and prevent cyberattacks from happening.

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